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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good News!

Hi Everyone,
I will be on JTV April 15 and 16, 2012.  I will be presenting the Knotty Do-It-All, the worlds favorite cord knotting tool!!!!  I can not wait!!!!  Please watch.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bracelets by Sophie Baylor

Look at these BEAUTIFUL bracelets by Sophie Baylor.  I just love them!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How much cord should I use when making a piece with lots of knots?

One question my customers ask me...and I often ask myself,  is how much extra cord do I need for a bracelet or necklace that will have lots of knots incorporated into the design?  Nothing is worse than coming up short on your cord when you are almost finished with a piece.

I have put together this guide that will help you caluclate the amount of cord you will need for a bracelet or necklace with knots.

Knots, surprisingly take up quite a bit of cord!
Cord thickness=.5mm...add an extra 1/2 inch per knot
Cord thickness=1mm...add an extra 1/2 inch per knot
Cord thickness=1.5mm...add an extra 3/4 inch per knot
Cord thickness=2mm...add an extra 3/4 inch per knot

For example, if I were to make a 6.5", 5 strand bracelet, with 8 knot per strand using 1.5 mm cord I would need the following:
5 X 8 = 40knots @ 3/4 "each ='s 30 inches 
bracelet without knots 6.5 X 5 = 32.5 plus 6 inches, always add a few extra inches

38.5 + 30 (plus 10 extra inches for insurance)= 78.5 inches for a 6.5 inch bracelet.


Etching Tutorial


Monday, April 11, 2011

Adjustable Slide Knot Necklace

Many of you have asked how to make an adjustable slide knot necklace using the Knotty Do-It-All.  Here is a brief video that shows how to do this!