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The Knotty Do-It-All

This is the Knotty Do-It-All! 

The Knotty Do-It-All is a tool for making all types of cord jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc) without any need for end caps, which are a total pain since they often come loose, aren't always available in the correct size for the cord you're using, are costly, and often aren't even in stock.   The Knotty Do-It-All allows you to make loop-and-knot connectors at both ends of the cord to which can be connected any sort of clasp (lobster clasp or toggle) and a jump ring (some jewelry artists prefer to simply hook the clasp through the knotted loop and don't use jump rings at all).  The end-knotting technique is simple to master and works equally well with single strand, multi-strand (any number of strands), and tiered pieces.  Any cording material can be used (waxed cotton, leather, waxed Irish linen, silk, nylon) in almost any size (.5 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, etc).  The tool comes with assorted components (the board, 11 steel spacing pins, cord-holding clips, 2 needles and marking clips).  In addition to the Knotty Do-It-All we carry a variety of cord types, sizes and colors, as well as some basic clasps and the best brand of instant glue I've found to date, "Loctite."  We also produce the video tutorials that accompany each kit purchase.

Using the Knotty Do-It-All is easy and makes jewelry making a lot of fun.  Both my customers and I find it allows us to be far more creative and complete work in much less time.  Jewelry length can always be exact, which isn't the case when you're doing it by hand (with this tool, for example, a 15" necklace is always exactly 15", and a 7" bracelet is always 7").  Any colors of cord can be used in combination, beads and charms can be added in where ever desired, knots between beads can be quickly and uniformly tied, and on and on.  I'm always getting emails from customers who have come up with new ideas and new jewelry design concepts and will soon have a section of the Knotty Do-It-All Website devoted to photos of customers' designs and products, as well as an area where everyone can post messages for other users concerning new knotting techniques or other innovations.